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International Integrated Wave Energy Research Group (IIWER)

Aims & Topics

This group is a platform for researchers on wave energy-related subjects.

About us

We focus on the development of integrated research on wave energy.

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Join us for enhancing collaborations knowledge sharing and pushing the boundaries in wave energy.


JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020

Call for Abstracts for "Ocean renewable energy: A-OS16: has been started.

In memory of Gerbrant van Vledder

With great sadness, we were informed that we lost our scientific supporter, Dr. Gerbrant van Vledder.

IIWER member presented about us.

Bahareh Kamranzad presented about IIWER and its activities and aims at "AI for SDGs", a trilateral conference between Japan, Germany and France.

IIWER first meeting was held in Italy.

Members of IIWER held their first meeting during EWTEC 2019.

Newly published papers in relevant topics

A projection of the expected wave power in the Black Sea until the end of the 21st century

A multi-criteria approach for selection of wave energy converter/location

Evaluation of spatio-temporal variability of ocean wave power resource around Sri Lanka

Wave energy potential and variability for the south west coasts of the Black Sea: The WEB-based wave energy atlas

Selection index for Wave Energy Deployments (SIWED): A near-deterministic index for wave energy converters

Wave energy resource assessment along the Algerian coast based on 39-year wave hindcast

Development and validation of a high-resolution regional wave hindcast model for U.S. West Coast wave resource characterization

A classification system for global wave energy resources based on multivariate clustering

Climatic trends in the fluctuations of wind waves power in the Black Sea

Wave power extraction from a tubular structure integrated oscillating water column

Optimized wind and wave energy resource assessment and offshore exploitability in the Mediterranean Sea

Modelling of operation and optimum design of a wave power take-off system with energy storage

Wave power extraction by a nearshore oscillating water column converter with a surging lip-wall

The performance of the three-float M4 wave energy converter off Albany, on the south coast of western Australia, compared to Orkney (EMEC) in the U.K.

Sensitivity of OWC performance to air compressibility

Modelling of linear and non-linear two-body wave energy converters under regular and irregular wave conditions

Numerical analysis and wave tank validation on the optimal design of a two-body wave energy converter

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